We Want Your Disease!

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So far the 2018 apple season has been defined by warm, humid, and very rainy weather. We are guessing that several apple growers throughout North Carolina have fire blight, apple scab, or both and the NC State University Apple Pathology Team would like to take it off your hands (or tree).

Our goal is to assess fungicide sensitivity profiles for populations of Venturia inaequalis (apple scab) and streptomycin and kasugamycin sensitivity profiles for Erwinia amylovora  (fire blight) populations in North Carolina. While data generated from this survey will likely be discussed at meetings and/or published eventually, sensitivity profiles will not be linked to specific growers or orchards.

If you have active apple scab infections on foliage or fire blight infections in your orchard and would be willing to help us out, please send Sara Villani any email to arrange a time for sample collection: smvillan@ncsu.edu. Thanks in advance!